"Ken is a talented, compassionate and wise therapist/healer/guide. I think of him as a therapist's therapist because he works effectively with his professional peers as well as others. I consulted him on a relationship issue and found his work with me to be deeply moving and insightful. He also brought a lightness and humor to the work that made the whole process quite enjoyable. I recommend him to anyone seeking a psycho-spiritual approach."
— Susan Campbell, Ph.D.
    Relationship Coach, Seminar Leader


"Dr. Ken Crittenden’s Quality of Spirit Work is brilliant. My personal consultations with Ken have been effective, useful, and inspiring. Ken is warm, compassionate, and engaging. I cannot recommend more highly that you do yourself a favor and call him."
— Andrew Sears, Ph.D.
    Licensed Psychologist
    Santa Rosa

"Ken is not just an ordinary, accomplished, therapist. Yes, he has a Ph.D. and the right credentials and experiences, but he has a lot more. He has had a genuine spiritual realization that guides his unique way of helping people remember and reconnect with their deeper, fundamental Self. I trust his integrity that springs from his very rare quality of humility. He brings a very precious spirit of loving presence to his work with seekers of truth. One steps into the counseling hour with him feeling gently yet powerfully accompanied into a expanded space of fresh discovery.
— Soonja Nagisa Kim, MSW, LCSW
    Founder of Visionary Re-mothering AMAE Therapy
    Mill Valley

"Ken Crittenden is by far one of the most talented and effective therapists I know. He has the curiousity to go wherever you are — and the creativity to assist you to find a path to where you want to go."
— John Grey, Ph.D.
    Founder of Healing Relationships

Additional endorsements available upon request.