What is your background and orientation?

My principle interest in psychology has always been in finding ways to have a richer, fuller, more joyful life.

I have been involved with counseling and psychotherapy since 1982. In 1990 I received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the Professional School of Psychology in San Francisco. I was licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in 1994. Since then I have been a member of the clinical team at Memorial Hospital, numerous convalescent hospitals, , the Occidental Area Health Clinic, and the River Counseling Clinic. I have supervised interns and trained therapists in Quality of Spirit Work. I have been trained in many techniques that I have integrated into my work including: breath work, mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, cognitive therapy, energy therapies, hypnosis, Enneagram work, EMDR (eye movement therapy) and other traditional and alternative therapies.