What is Quality of Spirit Work?

Quality of Spirit Work is a process which helps us to address our challenges without defensiveness. Through this work we uncover the messages of our emotions. Though I sometimes use techniques such as EMDR, hypnosis, cognitive therapy, or Somatic Experiencing, most sessions use Quality of Spirit Work.

How is Quality of Spirit Work Done?

Quality of Spirit work uses many somatic (nontouch yet body oriented) techniques which free us of our conditioned approach to thinking and feeling. We learn our habitual pitfalls so that we can live with greater freedom. From this spacious state of mind we are able to understand the messages of our emotions, and more fully enjoy our uniqueness.

Most people have a profound sense of presence during a session. Naturally there may be some difficult moments on the way there, but each session typically has a very clear resolution. This generally happens about 1hour and 15 minutes into the session. Sessions generally last about 1 1/2 hours.

What are the Benefits of This Kind of Work?

This work is applicable to many emotional difficulties and situational challenges. Additionally this work is a powerful way to create new healthy habits.

If you would like to learn how I can help you please send me an email at drken@qualityofspirit.com or call me at (707) 823-1122.